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While the PA has responsibility for planning and zoning in Areas A and B, it has no authority to oversee Palestinian development in Area C. As a result, the 300,000 Palestinians living in Area C are in a constant state of crippling limbo, as Israel does not grant them building permits and issues demolition orders for the structures that they build. This situation has been recently highlighted surrounding the pending demolition of the Bedouin village of Khan al-Ahmar, but it is far more widespread, with over 11,000 Palestinian structures in Area C affecting over 200,000 Palestinians under current demolition orders.

Israel should transfer administrative authority to the PA in parts of Area C, replicating the situation in Area B and as envisioned under the Oslo II Accord that established the different zones of control in the West Bank, in order to improve ordinary Palestinians’ lives and empower the PA as a governing body without giving up any security control.

Two-State Security:

Creating Contiguity: The 10% Plan

Commuting between Area A and Area B often requires crossing Area C, which is under exclusive Israeli control. The inability of Palestinians to travel fluidly throughout Arab West Bank cities and villages has dramatically weakened PA state-building, including a hindered Palestinian police force.

The resdesignation from C to B requires no legislation can can be done via Israeli cabinet decision. Alternatively, it can be accomplished by transferring to the PA some of the authorities over those specific segments of Area C, especially zoning and planning, that are presently under the authority of the IDF regional commander.

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Palestinian villagers wage legal battle during demolition freeze

Area C is a part of the West Bank populated by Palestinians and Israeli settlers and administered by Israel. On May 27, the Civil Administration ordered that uninhabited houses and facilities in Area C be demolished as well as buildings under construction. It gave Palestinians until June 17 to stop working on these buildings in preparation for their demolition.

In Area C, land that has not been cultivated for 10 years is considered subject to confiscation. He added that Israel is also confiscating land for military purposes while declaring some areas as natural reserves in accordance with the Jordanian Planning and Building Law, which applies to the occupied West Bank.

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